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Amanda Thomas: Music

Let Go

Amanda Thomas

Shifting sands beneath my feet
Waves are crashing down my street
And I think, it’s time to move on out

Looking ‘round for something steady
But it seems they’ve washed away already
Oh boy, time to clear up any doubt

I Let Go, I free fall
In this flow I feel ten feet tall
Open mind as my guide
I unwind, sit back and enjoy the ride
Now I know how to Let Go

Staring straight into the sun
Blinded by the things that I’ve done
And I know it’s time to make a change

Setting out across the sea
Taking all of this hope with me
And I see new land within my range

There’s ten thousand feet between me and the earth
There’s a million different choices but I know my worth
There’s so many people out there and it’s mind blowing, mind blowing