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Amanda Thomas: Music

Never Look Back

Amanda Thomas

You led me up the garden path
And I’m so angry with myself
For being so naïve, for wanting to believe in you

You took my hand you took my trust
I feel so stupid ‘cause I know
I should have seen it coming I should have started running
A long time ago

Now I can’t buy time, but I know now what’s mine, and

I’ll Never Look Back over my shoulder and cry
I’ll Never Look Back won’t waste my breath with goodbye
I’ll Never Look Back now that I’m on the right track
Watch me fly, and Never Look Back

I found my way out of the woods
It felt so good to feel the sun
Shinning on my face, still it cannot erase what I lost

And I will hold my head up high
I won’t forget what I have learned
And though it’s a hard pill to swallow I’ll try not to wallow
Or feel like I’ve been burned