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Amanda Thomas: Music

The Hard Way

Amanda Thomas & David Longo

I’m working hard to resurrect something that is probably best left alone
I’m tossing and I’m turning, there’s a lesson here worth learning
I’m knocking but there’s nobody home

Everyday I change my mind should I stay or leave you behind, I don’t know
If I could find the easy way, it probably wouldn’t please me per se
So what does this show?

All I’m trying to see
I do it the Hardway, baby
I know there’s a world there waiting to be discovered
It’s right in front of me

Don’t want to over-analyse or take you by surprise with what I have to say
But this situations getting old I’m feeling left out in the cold
This is not okay

Rest your head on my shoulder (like I do you)
Best I try to be bolder (I try to)
Test the water it’s colder, than ice