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Amanda Thomas: Music

Not Alone

Amanda thomas

Well the Earth has been spinning
Since the beginning of time
All the planets aligned around the sun
Suspended here in space
A marvellous place so sublime
We all exist in this world and what an amazing one

We’re all searching for the answers
We’re all intrinsically entwined
We’re all looking for meaning
And wondering why we were divined
There are a million explanations
Each one of us clinging to our own
But as we search the constellations
It’s good to know, we’re Not Alone
We’re Not Alone

There’s so much we have discovered
And uncovered and found
You could say that it’s a blessing or a curse
But if I’m sure of one thing
It’s something quite profound
I’m lucky to be able to ponder this universe

Heaven only knows the mysteries that will unfold
Right before our eyes our history is being told
There’s so much to learn before I grow old
And when we die, where do we go?
Does anybody know?
No need to cry, we’re all going home
No we’re Not Alone